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Friday, August 17, 2007

The One Minute Millionaire

The One Minute Millionaire
Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen
92.5 MB - 64kbps - ISBN: 0736688765 - Amazon Rating: 4/5

The co-creator of the Chicken Soup series, Mark Victor Hansen, and the personal finance author, Robert Allen, have come together in a collaboration that combines inspiration with know-how. Uniquely organized, THE ONE MINUTE MILLIONAIRE combines fiction and nonfiction to show the way to true wealth. The right-hand pages contain a fable about a woman faced with a terrible dilemma Michelle must earn a million dollars in 90 days to keep her family together. On the opposite page, complementing the fable point for point, are brilliant nuts-and-bolts millionaire minutes; summaries of attitudes, strategies, and techniques for building wealth, lessons Michelle needs to act upon to reach her goal. By bringing these right-and-left brain approaches together, Hansen and Allen show how to overcome fears and doubts and leap over the roadblocks that limit potential. Both authors have earned multiple millions through their careers. With THE ONE MINUTE MILLIONAIRE they want to share their knowledge to bring out the enlightened millionaire they believe exists in everyone.

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