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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Dale Carnegie Leadership Mastery Course: How To Challenge Yourself and Others To Greatness

How to Challenge Yourself and Others to GREATNESS
Dale Carnegie Associates
155 MB - 64kbps - 6 CDs - ISBN: 0743509374 - Amazon Rating: 3.5/5


In a world quickly becoming more virtual, human relations skills are being lost -- along with the skill of leadership. When you develop your leadership ability through The Dale Carnegie Leadership Mastery Course you'll learn to be flexible, adaptable, and trustworthy, as well as a tough and decisive distributor of power. Learn all the secrets of leadership mastery:

* Gain the respect and admiration of others using little-known secrets of America's most successful leaders.
* Get family, friends, and coworkers to do what you ask because they want to do it, not because they have to.
* Respond effectively when under crisis using proven techniques for thinking clearly and reducing anxiety under pressure.
* Accomplish twice as much by learning to motivate others to perform at their best.
* Make powerful decisions and follow through on them using Carnegie's action formula.

A valuable tool that stands next to the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Dale Carnegie Leadership Mastery Course offers a proven formula for success.

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